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Mill filling

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Mill Volume Filling Calculation

This calculation will estimate the volume percentage of charge in a mill based upon the number of lifters exposed above the mill charge.

Enter total number of lifters: Nt =

Enter the total number of lifters installed in the mill.

Enter number of lifters exposed: Ns =

Enter the number of lifters that are exposed above the mill charge. Fractions are acceptable and should be used in the case where the charge does not sit uniformly in the mill. For example, you may have 29 rows exposed at the discharge end of the mill, and only 28 exposed at the feed end. If so, enter 28.5 for the number of exposed lifters.

Calculated Mill Charge: %

Calculation backup:
The details of the calculation are available in the attached files. Feel free to download them for use in your own work subject to the disclaimer!

Neither the author nor the web host will accept any responsibility for loss or damage caused by use of this program. The program has not been tested under stringent conditions that allow it to be considered robust enough for Engineering use. People using this program must themselves accept responsibility to confirm that results are correct and applicable to the application being calculated.