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Subscription-based Services

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Subscription-based Services

The subscription-only section of SAGMILLING.COM contains two linked sets of web-based tools:

  • a powerful database engine for inputting and interrogating comminution testwork results, and
  • a power-based comminution modelling system that draws individual "samples" from the testwork database and runs, individually or as a batch, each sample through the model.

The grindability testwork database can accept many common comminution test types including

  • the Bond work index series (ball mill, rod mill and low-energy impact crushing),
  • Drop weight tests,
  • SAG grindability index, SGI (minutes to grind to 80% passing 1.7 mm), and
  • Bond abrasion index.
Test result chart

Example database output chart

Samples can be tagged with drill hole information and geologic classifications allowing the grindability test results and the comminution model outputs to be classified by geologic domains. See the input spreadsheet for a complete list of parameters that may be entered.

The power-based comminution models use techniques pioneered by many outstanding researchers and engineers including:

  • Circuit models using techniques of Bond and Rowland;
  • SAG circuit specific energy models using techniques of Bond and Barratt, Morrell and generic SGI (similar to SPIā„¢);
  • SAG mill power draw models using techniques of Austin and Morrell,
  • Ball mill power draw models using techniques of Morrell and Nordberg.

The combination of a database capable of tracking thousands of grindability test results with models that can run hundreds of samples per second make the SAGMILLING.COM grindability models ideal for geometallurgy. Tagging drill hole information to variability grinding samples allows the output of the grinding models to be passed to geologic and mine production block models.

Screenshot of model

Example circuit flowsheet page, based on Muteb, P. & Allaire, J., CMP 2013


Two classes of subscriptions are available:

  • Global. Suitable for companies with offices in more than one location, allows Clients to perform sophisticated access control to the models from all locations.
  • Single office. Suitable for small consulting companies or single mine-sites. Restricted to use at that location, but otherwise fully functional.

A Client will have its own database to house testwork results and circuit models - these are private to each client, but all are given a pre-populated database with published data to get started. Contact alex.doll@sagmilling.com for more information or to request a quotation.

Future developments

Many exciting features are planned for the future! More models, translating the website into more languages and extending into power modelling of other types of equipment.